Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which the merchant or advertiser pays the marketing partner or affiliate a commission for every sale or action completed. The most common affiliate program payment arrangements are cost-per-sale (CPS) or cost-per-action (CPA), thus affiliate marketing is true performance marketing – Payment on proven results.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing based on collaboration and partnership, so good relationships with your affiliate partners and a well understanding of their goals will sustain program success.

Offering free product samples to content creators and investing in review marketing is an efficient way to build brand awareness and accumulate fans, while working with deal sites, coupon sites and promotion related social groups can quickly convert potential customers and drive sales.

Brands need to consider the competition to check out how their competitors structure their affiliate programs in terms of commission rates & cookie lengths to stimulate affiliate marketers both in the short- and long-term.

How does affiliate marketing work?

At ZBANX, we refer to affiliate marketers as our partners, ZBANX Partnership offers the resources and tools to make affiliate marketing simple and successful. We will assist you in finding something you are good at, something you enjoy and do it well!

Affiliate Recruitment

Affiliate Recruitment

Identify the affiliates/partners who can create matching content for your target audience, and determine their value.

Add Affiliate Links Wherever Appropriate

Launch a Marketing Campaign

Communicate your aims with content creators and set up a marketing campaign with them. You can negotiate the commission with them based on the sales and promotion they drive for your brand.

Provide Marketing Support

Provide Marketing Support

Provide free product samples, market analysis or marketing creatives to help your partners generate high-quality content that leads to more web traffic for your business.

Measure the Performance and Pay

Measure the Performance and Pay

ZBANX Partnership includes a fully custom-built tracking system that tracks clicks and conversions to optimize the marketing campaign. ZBANX will pay the partners according to your contract after the campaign is completed.

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

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