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Product reviews are an essential part of an online store’s branding and marketing. Review marketing is a tactic that allows you as the business owner to take control of your online reviews. It builds your online reputation and uses social proof to drive more business.

The Value of Review Marketing

The Value of Review Marketing:

  • Buying Decisions Are Heavily Influenced by Online Reviews: Positive or negative reviews can significantly impact your sales because consumers will look for reliable and accurate feedback before making a purchase decision.
  • Customers Will Tell You What They Think of Your Product: By having good or bad reviews, businesses will know what to improve, the details to change, and the advantages of your product to emphasize and promote.
  • Gain Brand Awareness on the Internet: Search engine algorithms take into account the importance of customer reviews. A high number of consumer reviews indicates that your business is legitimate and reliable.

How to start review marketing

ZBANX Partnership offers the resources and tools to make review marketing simple and successful.

Review Partner Recruitment

Review Partner Recruitment

Identify the partners who can create matching product review articles or videos for your target audience, and determine their value.

Launch a Marketing Campaign

Launch a Marketing Campaign

Communicate your aims with review partners and set up a marketing campaign with them. You can negotiate the commission with them based on the sales and promotion they drive for your brand.

Provide Marketing Support

Provide Marketing Support

Provide free product samples, market analysis or marketing creatives to help partners generate high-quality product review content that leads to more web traffic for your business.

Measure & Optimize the Performance

Measure & Optimize the Performance

ZBANX Partnership includes a fully custom-built tracking system that tracks clicks and conversions of your review content to optimize the marketing campaign. Merchants can review and adjust marketing campaigns according to these feedbacks from ZBANX platform to optimise the partners’ performance.

Review Marketing FAQs

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