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ZBANX Partnership offers an effective marketing platform through uniting the power of the world's top-leading brands, with influencers, affiliates, agencies, content creators and key opinion consumers.

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ZBANX Partnership platform effectively integrates superior supply chain and global marketing resources, providing the best market solution for marketers across multiple sectors.
We help outstanding brands embark on a greater global voyage and gain a competitive edge in the marketing environment, through effective collaboration with social media influencers, youtubers, bloggers, instagram KOLs, content creators from all over the world.
ZBANX Partnership platform offers exclusive promotion campaigns from the world's top brands, providing our global partners with free product samples, rich creatives to make your content creation easier than ever before.
We record all transactions in real-time and offer our partners with thorough marketing analysis to speed up and streamline all phases to a successful business partnership model.
Completely free platform for marketing partners to build up exclusive collaboration with the world’s fast growing brands, and profit with them together.
ZBANX Partnership platform is tailored to address specific needs for partners across multiple fields, we invest in technology innovation and upgrading to boost the efficiency of your partnership model.


More Ways to Monetize Build direct partnerships with DTC websites of popular brands and their flagship stores on marketplaces like Amazon & Aliexpress, and enjoy high commission rate.
First-hand Resources Access to first-hand resource of the newest products from popular brands, including free product samples, exclusive coupons and rich marketing creatives.
Faster Payment Processing Advanced merchant deposit to guarantee commission payment on time, and partners can apply for payment after 30 days from when the initial sale has been made.
Protect and Monitor Flexible collaboration methods, Innovative technology and ambitious team.

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We use cookies to personalize and improve your experience, provide our services, analyze performance, and for marketing purposes.

We use cookies to personalize and improve your experience, provide our services, analyze performance, and for marketing purposes.